• 02/02 04:19:20lootcoins

    Today withdraw just been processed !

  • 02/02 04:19:31lootcoins

    1000 points = 0.5$

  • 02/02 04:19:59lootcoins

    You can make up to 50$ a day just by completing simple offers !

  • 03/04 08:15:31lootcoins

    All withdraw just been sent !

  • 03/05 07:55:07sirpotatojoe

    how do i set a referral

  • 03/06 00:28:25RezaRezana

    do the offers reset everyday?

  • 03/06 06:21:39lootcoins

    Hi, new offers are added everyday and some are replaced multiple times a day (depending of the offer provider)

  • 03/09 18:06:29lootcoins

    Today withdraw just been processed, thanks for your loyalty !

  • 03/21 17:38:29Tni

    Good evening!:) I registered today and had installed my first app. Called Lords Mobile, and I’ve got fight the level 2 boss as I used to and I don’t really know what’s next.... I came here after task is done and I can’t see any points

  • 03/22 04:52:55lootcoins

    Hey Tni, you need to install the app from the green button onsite : click on the points of the fofer to be redirected to the game

  • 03/22 04:53:15lootcoins

    if you download the game without going throught the site link, we can't track it

  • 04/06 10:40:34mcarirezeki

    hi guys

  • 04/08 06:59:07borasknkr

    heyy guys

  • 04/11 10:48:32LanderGaming

    howmutch is 1000coins

  • 04/16 07:21:22Mrgogo


  • 04/22 20:42:05AnthonyOD5

    hello people

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  • 06/13 05:12:05Woolf


  • 07/13 09:33:20Zerkow

    Damien ?

  • 08/05 10:36:27PouletAozox


  • 08/25 09:15:25lootcoins

    1000 points = 0.5$, click on the offers and follow the instructions to make money and then you cashout for Crypto or paypal

  • 08/25 09:18:24lootcoins

    complete surveys / download apps to make money

  • 10/08 03:17:51Woolf


Frequently Asked Questions

What is lootcoins ? 

Lootcoins is a directory of online surveys and paid to download apps. Our website allows users to make money for completing offers (surveys / app download / watching videos)


How long is it to be paid ?

Cashout are usually sent under 6 hours but can take up to 24h in some cases


What is the minimum I can cashout ?

The minimum with Paypal is 10$ and with cryptocurrencies it's 1$.


What is the minimum age required?

There is no mimum, you can start earning money whenever you want.


Do you have an affiliate system ?

Yes we have an affiliate system paying up to 60% of our profit (so 30% of the total points earned by an user when an offer is completed). The affiliate system is fully passive, all you have to do is to share your affiliate link with your friends



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